Achtung! Sie befinden sich auf der archivierten Seite des am 30. Juni 2023 aufgelösten Wissenschaftsrates. Zur Nachfolgeorganisation Rat für Forschung, Wissenschaft, Innovation und Technologieentwicklung kommen Sie vorerst hier.

Attention! You are on the archived page of the Austrian Science Council, whose mandate ended on 30 June 2023. Please find preliminary and contact information of the newly established Council for Research, Science, Innovation and Technology Development here.



The Austrian Science Council develops analyses, position papers and recommendations and shall be published. Every three years, the Science Council submits a report to the National Council.

The Science Council, legitimised by its international and professional composition, sees itself as an independent advisory body with the right of initiative and the aim of optimising the Austrian higher education and research system, in particular the university system.

In view of the 22 autonomous universities, the Science Council sees itself as an independent advisor and trust-giving mediator who keeps an eye on the affairs of the universities and the entire tertiary system and opposes undesirable developments in the form of one-sided profiles, unjustified dependencies or structural deficiencies. The tasks of universities in particular need to be constantly rethought, both from a scientific and an institutional perspective, in the context of other scientific institutions in the tertiary sector (e.g. universities of applied sciences, institutes of the Austrian Academy of Sciences).

The universities are characterised by the institutional combination of research and teaching as well as by the training of young scientists. In an "enlightened knowledge society, they assist individuals in their striving for the education and autonomy through science" and generally contribute to the "welfare of society and the environment" (§ 1 UG 2002). The Science Council also seeks to comply with this task through its statements and recommendations.