Privacy Policy

We are pleased about your visit on our website. We will be happy to provide you with information about which data we collect, how we use it and what measures we take to protect this data. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or your rights, please contact office@wissenschaftsrat.ac.at. Correspondence will be kept confidential and deleted after a reasonable period of time.

Encrypted data transmission

Our domain has an SSL certificate. This means that data transmission between the web server and browsers is encrypted on the basis of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Web server log files

When you visit this website, the following data is automatically stored in a log file on the web server (computer that delivers this website):

  1. Address of the website visited (URL)
  2. Time at which the page was accessed
  3. Amount of data sent in bytes
  4. Source (link) from which the website was accessed
  5. Browser operating system IP address (in anonymous form)

The data collected will be kept for 30 days in order to be accessible in the event of malfunctions or unlawful use.


When you access a website, cookies (small text files) are stored locally on your computer in the browser. With each page call, the information from the cookies is automatically sent from the browser to the website and back again. This means that settings can be saved across a website or browsers can be recognized the next time you visit the website. In addition to cookies, many other data are also stored locally, such as image files in the browser cache, in order to increase the performance of the website. The stored cookies contain information related to your use or determine whether third parties may take measures that allow the collection of information.

If you do not agree with the storage of cookies, you can prevent this in your browser settings. This may limit the functionality of the website. Please note that your settings only apply to this browser.