Rules of Procedure for the Austrian Science Council according to § 119 Abs 10 UG 2002

§ 1 Composition and chair

  1. The Austrian Science Council shall consist of twelve members with voting rights from different areas of society, in particular science and the arts. The chairperson and his/her two deputies shall be elected from among the members by a simple majority of valid votes.
  2. The Chairperson represents the Council externally. In the case of urgent matters, he/she shall seek agreement with his/her deputies.
  3. if a member of the Council leaves office, the Science Council shall submit proposals to the Minister for his or her replacement.

§ 2 Meetings

  1. The meetings shall be convened by the Chairperson as often as the tasks of the Council require. The members of the Council shall be informed of the date and agenda in good time.
  2. The meetings of the Council shall be attended not only by its members but also by the Secretary General, unless the Council determines otherwise in detail. The Councilmay invite domestic and foreign experts to its meetings and set up working groups.
  3. Minutes shall be taken of each meeting of the Council and its working groups.

§ 3 Resolutions

  1. The right to vote in the Council shall be exercised in person. Voting transfers are inadmissible. At the request of a member, a vote or election shall be conducted by secret ballot.
  2. Each member of the Council shall be entitled to submit motions.
  3. A resolution requires the presence of at least half of the members and a simple majority of the valid votes. In the event of a tie, the chairperson has the casting vote. Urgent resolutions may be passed by circulation.
  4. If there are important reasons which are likely to cast doubt on the full impartiality of a member, i.e. in particular in matters concerning the university of which the member is a member, the member of the Council in question may not participate in the deliberations and votes on the relevant matter. Each member is entitled and obliged to point out the existence of a reason for bias.

§ 4 Office

  1. For the Council, an internal office shall be set up which shall be independent in organisational terms and shall be headed by a Secretary General.
  2. The Secretary General and the other members of staff shall be bound by the instructions of the Chairperson of the Council and shall prepare the tasks incumbent upon the Council and participate in their execution.

§ 5 Resolution and Amendment of the Rules of Procedure.

  1. The resolution and the amendment of the Rules of Procedure require a majority of two thirds of the valid votes.