CONFERENCE ON PEER REVIEW: Qualitätsstandard oder leeres Ritual? Begutachtungen in der Diskussion


Peer review is a persistent feature of higher education and research today. Funding bodies and editorial staff, institute and university management, appointment committees and juries, as well as many other bodies, base all kinds of decisions on the assessments of scholars and researchers. However, peer review has been subject to increasing pressure in recent years: both the demand for peer reviewers and expectations concerning their performance have grown significantly. But is a steady increase in peer reviews unavoidable? Does the group of reviewers grow to the same extent and is it sufficiently prepared for their tasks?

The role of peer review for quality assurance and resource allocation in higher education and research and how science is changing under increasing pressure is of interest not only from the inside perspective. It can also have consequences for the credibility of science in public. In addition to an inventory of peer review, its effects and defects, newer approaches will also be discussed during this conference. The aim is to reflect on the diverse use of peer review, to show limitations and to give impulses for further development.


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